A Teen Who Rescued A Police Officer Graduates from Police Academy 12 years later

Posted Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 at 2:10 PM

Ventura County Deputy Cody Massengill (L) and Bullhead City Police Corporal Sean Watson


A Bullhead City Police Officer reunited with the two young men who saved his life 12 years ago.

     In 2006, 17 year olds Daniel Lehne and Cody Massengill pulled Mohave County Sherriff’s Deputy Sean Watson out of harm’s way after he was ejected and lay next to his burning patrol vehicle. Deputy Watson had lost control of his vehicle on El Rodeo Road in Fort Mohave while responding to a call. His vehicle rolled twice and he was airlifted and treated at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, NV.

     “If it wasn’t for those kids, I would not be here right now,” said Sean Watson, now a Bullhead City Police Corporal.

     Cpl. Sean Watson recently attended the Ventura County Police and Sheriff’s Academy Graduation Ceremony in California to congratulate a new recruit; Deputy Cody Massengill.

     “I grew up in Ventura County and also began my law enforcement career with the same agency,” Watson added.

     Daniel Lehne, who currently serves in the United States Navy, also attended the graduation ceremony and reconnected with Cpl. Watson.

     “For everyone else, it was an honor and a privilege to attend this graduation. But for me, it was a privilege to be alive and an honor to witness someone start their law enforcement career after saving my life,” Cpl. Watson said.

     When Cpl. Watson became a deputy, he was given a St. Michael pendant that his father wore when he was a police officer before he died. After his crash, he has never been able to locate it.

     “When I learned that Cody was in the academy, I wanted to give him something to protect him like it protected me,” he said.

     During Deputy Massengill’s graduation, Cpl. Watson gave him a St. Michael’s pendant to help keep him safe as a fellow law enforcement officer.


Daniel Lehne, BHCPD Cpl. Sean Watson and Ventura County Deputy Cody Massengill

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