Bullhead ACW seeking information after two separate dog bite incidents

Posted Saturday, September 30th, 2017 at 1:57 AM

Bullhead City Animal Care and Welfare (ACW) officers are seeking information after two separate dog bite incidents this week.


On Tuesday, September 26th, a 35-year-old female reported that at around 8 – 8:30 p.m., she was walking in the 800 block of Campbell Road when a stray dog attacked her dog. She was bitten on the hand by the stray dog while she was trying to separate the dogs. The stray dog was described as a boxer pitbull mix, light in color.


On Thursday, September 28th, an 81-year-old male reported that at about 7 p.m., he was on his mobility scooter in the area of Colorado Blvd and Cypress Lane when two stray dogs approached him and his dog. He reported that the larger of the two dogs went to bite his dog, but bit him on his arm instead. The large stray dog was black and white and the small stray dog was tan in color.


ACW patrolled the area but was unable to locate the dogs. ACW officers are searching for the dogs and their owners for standard dog bite quarantine procedures.


If anyone has any information, please call the Bureau of Animal Care and Welfare at (928) 763-6000.

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