Bullhead City PD Alerts to Phone Scams

Posted Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 at 12:03 PM

The Bullhead City Police Department would like to remind citizens to always be suspicious of calls, emails or mail containing threats, advising they owe money or have won a prize. NEVER give out personal or bank account information or send money via any method unless YOU initiated the contact with the person or company. Simply hang up and call the number you know to be legitimate.

     Earlier this month, police were called to Denny’s restaurant, 1700 block of Highway 95, for a fraudulent scheme. An employee reported that she received a call during the nightshift from a man claiming to be a U.S. Marshall. He said that he was working on an investigation and he needed to take inventory of the restaurant money because there were fraudulent bills. The man was adamant about the employee not telling anyone about his investigation because they were going to make arrests. Over the phone, the man instructed her to take all the money out of the drawers, go to the nearest store and buy prepaid credit cards, which are untraceable. He told her to read the numbers off the cards and throw away the receipts. The employee realized she had been defrauded and called police.

     A similar fraudulent scheme occurred recently at the 99 Cent Store in Bullhead City where a woman posed as an auditor and stole money from the store.

     Scammers often impersonate officials and threaten arrest or claim you owe them money. A legitimate organization will never ask you to send them payments through prepaid cards or a wire transfer. Criminals can get away with untraceable cash!

     For more information, please call the Bullhead City Police Department at (928) 763-9200.

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