Bullhead City PD Warns of Peddling Scams

Posted Thursday, November 30th, 2017 at 11:28 AM

Citizens who conduct business with unlicensed entities are taking a risk and may become a victim of a scam.

According to the Bullhead City Finance Department, there is only one approved peddler’s license able to conduct business within Bullhead City limits. Peddlers are anyone who conducts business to make a profit by soliciting people in public, for example, selling merchandise out of their vehicles parked in business parking lots or going door to door and place to place selling merchandise.

Business and peddler licenses protect the public from criminals who conduct their unlicensed business anonymously and illegally. All licensed peddlers are fingerprinted by the Bullhead City Police Department. If you are approached by someone soliciting a service or selling merchandise, be sure to ask to see their Bullhead City peddler’s license. Peddlers are required to wear a photo ID card on the outside of their clothes. If the peddler does not have this documentation, they are doing business illegally and may be cited for peddling without a license.

Citizens should also make sure contractors (for jobs $1,000 or more) are licensed with the Registrar of Contractors.

Lastly, people wanting to host a jewelry ‘gold party’ need to be sure the company or individual has a Bullhead City secondhand dealer’s license. The Police Department’s Property Crimes Unit monitors property that goes through pawn shops and secondhand stores to see if any property is stolen or linked to local burglaries.

If you are approached by individuals conducting business within Bullhead City and don’t have a license or refuse to show you the license, report it to the Bullhead City Police Department at (928) 763-9200.

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