Counterfeit Money

Posted Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 at 1:46 PM

The Bullhead City Police Department has seen an increase in counterfeit bills. In recent months, fake bills of different denominations were passed or attempted to be passed at several local businesses. These bills appear to be ones purchased online as Hollywood money used in movies. The bills look like real money, however, they are labeled “For Motion Pictures Only” or with Chinese writing on it.

On December 4th, a 16-year-old boy was arrested for offering a forged instrument when he tried to pay with a counterfeit bill (movie money).

Here are some tips on how to detect counterfeit money:

– Compare the bill to a genuine bill.

– Check security features:

1) Red/blue fiber threads

2) Color shifting ink

3) Security strip

4) Microprinting

5) Watermark portrait

6) No duplicate serial numbers

The police department encourages businesses to educate their employees on detecting counterfeit money. If someone is attempting to pass a fake bill, keep the bill and contact police. Get the name of the person if possible, or a good description of the person and their vehicle.     

A lot of times the pen test, security strip and watermark portrait passes because a five dollar bill is often washed and reprinted as a counterfeit one hundred dollar bill. So, the paper is from real currency and has security features, however, when holding it up to the light, the watermark is of Abraham Lincoln instead of Benjamin Franklin and the security thread is from a $5 bill and in the wrong spot.

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