Projects going on around Bullhead the week of November 6

Posted Friday, November 3rd, 2017 at 12:24 PM

• City crews will be performing citywide sewer video inspection.

• City crews will be performing citywide sewer cleaning in various neighborhoods.

• City crews are performing work in Community Park to create additional public beaches, parking, and access to the Colorado River.

• City crews will continue micro surfacing work for NSIP 29 as programmed. Please refer to the City’s project website for further details at

• City crews continue work at Rotary Park in conjunction with the new pickleball courts and restrooms being constructed near the intersection of Lakeside and Riverview.

• The City has contracted Simon Sewer to clean our sewer trunk line from 600 Hwy 95 south, to 1st St. and Moser Ave.

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