Upcoming Street Maintenance

Posted Thursday, September 14th, 2017 at 6:29 PM

The City of Bullhead City is asking for public cooperation with upcoming street maintenance. City crews will begin slurry seal treatment outlined in the 29thNeighborhood Street Improvement Plan (NSIP 29) the week of September18th. Streets receiving treatment will be temporarily closed and reopened the same day.


NSIP 29 outlines a list of roads that comprise percent of the City’s total road infrastructure to be treated this year with either a slurry seal or microsurface treatment. The City plans to operate the slurry machine, resurfacing a few streets every week, for as long as the weather and other conditions permit. A list of all of the streets slated to receive treatment as a part of NSIP 29, as well as the most recent updates about the progress of the project can be found at the city’s website atbullheadcity.com/nsip29. The city asks all residents that will be affected by the maintenance to check the website frequently for the most up to date information.


“Residents need to be aware of the streets we plan to work on and check back frequently so they are not caught off guard when we begin work on their street.” Pawan Agrawal, Bullhead City’s Public Works Director, Said. “Roads will be closed shortly before the treatment begins, and will reopen a few hours after it is finished. Residents affected by the closures will need to plan their day accordingly.”


Driving on a road that has received a slurry or microsurface treatment before it has had time to set will decrease the lifespan of the treatment and may cause property damage to vehicles and driveways.


“The longer we can stay off a newly slurry sealed or microsurfaced road, the better the results will be. If we have traffic within the first few hours, the project loses value,” Agrawal said. “If you drive on a street that you are not supposed to drive on, you will likely track some of that oil and aggregate causing streaking on your driveway and garage floor. It could also splatter your vehicles.”


The City will be issuing weekly press releases and social media updates to let the public know which streets will be worked on a week in advance of the work to be done. In addition, city crews will put out door hangers a few days in advance to let residents know that work will be done on their street. The most up to date information, including last minute cancellations or schedule changes will always be posted on the City’s website atbullheadcity.com/nsip29.


Anyone with concerns, comments, or questions about NSIP 29 should send an email toslurry@bullheadcity.com. Anyone with an urgent matter relating to NSIP should call (928)234-8752.

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